Our Products
Article Management Tool This tool gives the advertisement agency people to maintain the articles and intimate the vendor of their regular advertisement in systematic way with having rates and size. This tool has the flexibility to send the notification email with attachment to the specific vendors in an organized manner.
CSR Management Tool This application helps to capture csr activity and facilitates the user to keep the track of every activity and initiatives. It also provides the feature to view the activity in detail (photo plus and documents.) A user can calculate the budget and exact cost of several initiatives from this application.
Mass Mailing Application This mainly gives the opportunity to send ample numbers of email to customized email id with having attractive text editor. It has inbuilt intelligence to handle the load balance of email id sessions.
Data Management This only offers the flexibility to replace the excel sheet. User can enjoy the data management and tracking in specific format and without putting the formulas every day.
Online Assessment Tool This application assists to take online examination in different languages. It also has randomization algorithm and marks based examination management. It gives flexibility to review unattended and flat questions.